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Renault Sandero Stepway - soft and durable suspension

date: 2 May 2013

After two months of driving on Stepway Sandero, (not so much – 900 miles) I want to share my initial impressions.
Before purchasing Renault Sandero I have been using for four years Buick Century with the same 8-valves 1.6 liter engine.
In principle, the "Century" during the driving did not deliver much hassle, but for trips I needed a car with h... more...

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2010 Renault Megane - very difficult car

date: 9 April 2011

The main negative points are the reduced rear visibility and the hard ride. This is a very difficult car to park in reverse. IN my case this may be related to never having owned an estate car before, but it seems to me function was seriously compromised for aesthetics. It may be worth it to get the parking sensors, which I didn't.

The suspensio... more...

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