Review on the car year 2009 Infiniti QX 56 - luxury car

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Vehicle characteristics:

Transmission: 6 steps Automatic

Body: crossover

Review about Infiniti QX

Infiniti QX56 interior creates a cozy atmosphere of luxury. The instrument panel with soft lighting, which the company experts called Fine Vision, looks very impressive. It is worth noting the unusual placement of the scales of secondary devices - they are surrounded by a tight ring tachometer dial. The central console is decorated with old-fashioned clock with hands. Finishing the steering wheel rim is beyond of comparing. In parallel, the wood is close-fitting leather, due to which the driver's hands will not slip on the steering wheel. Massive tailgate electrically opens. Just press the button on the dashboard, the door will open and close on its own. That such low-key at first glance, the nuances, form a kind of chic, emphasizing executive car class.
List of equipment, as adopted by the Japanese, is immense. Standard equipment includes heated front seats feature, as well as climate control front seats (with the possibility of heating or cooling), with an additional heated outboard seats 2nd row. The design of the high seats 2nd row provides convenient access to the seats of the third row. Second row seats folded remotely via a switch on the center console, it greatly simplifies access to the rear seats. Seat 3rd series - fold (60/40) tiltably. The basic package includes a heated steering wheel with leather trim.

Accomplishments Infiniti QX

luxury car with a lot of qualities

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2009 Infiniti QX


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