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2005 BMW M6 - low clearance

date: 22 May 2013

Got a new car from the usual coupe sixth series, it is elegant and stylish, you might even say - sophisticated style.

Aerodynamic details that improve stylish car making even more aggressive. Contribute to the creation of a dynamic image of the dominant air intakes, a modified radiator grille, which adorns the label more...

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2009 BMW X6 E71 Bad rear camera

date: 7 April 2013

The most outstanding car in the world! Exterior, interior, motion, engine power, handling and the rest of aspects of this car don’t raise any doubts that this car is still unbeaten. Of course, I can’t regard this car as affordable one, but surely it is worth of money spent.

What I’ve just learned about this car:
Compact altered version ... more...

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