Review on the car year 2007 Chevrolet Epica

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Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 6145 h.p

Transmission: Automatic

Body: sedan

Review about Chevrolet Epica

Chevrolet Epica has turned out to be surprisingly beautiful and harmonious: body shape, the structure of the brain and the rear optics, things like repeater indicators built into the hull exterior mirrors, creating a modern and fresh look that is not inferior to its competitors. Exterior blends the classic with the contemporary. Large panoramic lights bulbs with silver accents, a powerful crossbar on chrome grille, carrying a large logo of Chevrolet, combined with a large hood of a fancy design look very solid and even confident. In profile, the Epica looks very modern thanks to a raised wedge profile. He underlined feature line that runs along the front and rear wings. Designers put a chrome door handles classical type and large mirrors exactly on the line. Dominated by a large rear bumper and a chrome strip that connects the two rear light with round lenses. The center console, blending in with the dashboard lights up in green. On-board computer is located and the necessary information is always on your mind. For the power window and adjustable door mirrors light enough keystroke. For hours and audio created two separate displays. In addition to picking the cheapest sedan, Epica is set to CD-changer for 6 CDs with support for mp3. The model is offered in two versions - LS (base) and LT. Even in the base version Epica has everything you need: air conditioning with air filter for the cabin, front and rear power windows with automatic finger protection, mirrors with electric adjustment, central locking with remote control and safety system, plus heated windscreen, athermal glass and fog lamps. Depending on the equipment in the Epica present useful options such as heating and adjustable lumbar support front seats, adaptive to speed power steering, rain sensors and park assist, but only when reversing, but also a useful option for the north USA climate - heating windshield washer nozzles.

Accomplishments Chevrolet Epica

acceleration, low level of exhaust

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2007 Chevrolet Epica


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