Review on the car year 2009 Hyundai ix55 Good motion

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Vehicle characteristics:

Transmission: 7 steps Manual

Body: SUV

Review about Hyundai ix55

SUV looks very solid: cruise control, excellent sound system Infinity, dual-zone climate control, tinted rear windows, rear spoiler, leather interior beige or black colors to choose from, wood trim, heated wiper zone of peace, trim steering wheel and gear knob and much more. Luxury Package will please the buyer six airbags, stabilization system, a sound system with CD-changer and subwoofer, all heated seats, full power accessories, xenon headlights, parking sensors, rain sensor, sunroof and electric door luggage.

Thanks to the smart key I do not need to insert the key into the ignition, enough so that he was lying in his pocket, alarm and central locking system is activated by the touch of a button in the handle of the door. The average number of passengers on a par with the front can manage separate climate control with the remote in the back of the center armrest; there is 12-volt socket and a small container.

In caring for the comfort of experts Hyundai did not forget about securing a reliable driver and his passengers. The car has a body that has passed a special system of computer tests, and a gain region, as well as special crumple zones. As standard, the Korean SUV is not only the front, but the side airbags installed on both sides of the front seats, active head restraints to protect the neck and upper spine with powerful rear impacts

Accomplishments Hyundai ix55

Good motion, responsive handling

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2009 Hyundai ix55


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