Review on the car Audi TT impressive coupe

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Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 1.8

Transmission: 5 steps Manual

Body: coupe

Review about Audi TT

Design of Audi TT has a classic sporty style. Clean lines and simple shapes, cute tinted headlights - eyes, low landing, like nothing on earth silhouette - this Audi TT Coupe. The car is small (4.04 m), two-door, four-seater. The back and front of the body are similar in form. Flashy stylistic elements car - huge, protruding even for "inflated" wheel arches dimension of tires 205/55 R15, «artillery" wheel size 17 inches and built into the rear bumper integrated chrome exhaust pipe. In general, much more car looks very aggressive, yet elegant.

TT interior is different and well thought-out convenience and all kind configures the owner to sports fashion. It all starts with doors flung open them, you will see the first baggy threshold as a Ferrari or other super compartment. It is thanks to wide doors of a sudden just to get inside, but the lady in an evening dress to sit in this car and much more will be difficult. Given that the car seems to be just outside the crumbs, especially against the bulky Mercedes, Volvo S80, BMW 7 Series and so on - it is very comfortable and spacious inside. Kneeling in a deep, bucket seats, upholstered in leather, the discomfort immediately forgotten.

The car equipped with a climate control system, located so that it is convenient to control and passenger, and the driver, audio system (depending on trim level: a radio receiver and a variety of class tape or CD-player) and other additional equipment. Audio system is closed - so that no one will guess what's inside - a retractable metal bracket with two letters - TT. Tiny levers opening windows, located near the door handles, are right at your fingertips and very sensitive. At the bottom, before the TRC, under the sliding panel are buttons open gas tank and trunk. On the other hand checkpoint located Lock button.

Accomplishments Audi TT

It is an impressive coupe! And that is it!

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) Audi TT


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