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Review on the car Renault Sandero Stepway - soft and durable suspension

Review added: 2 May 2013 | Views: 1956 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 1.6

Transmission: Manual

Body: hatchback

Review about Renault Sandero

After two months of driving on Stepway Sandero, (not so much – 900 miles) I want to share my initial impressions.
Before purchasing Renault Sandero I have been using for four years Buick Century with the same 8-valves 1.6 liter engine.
In principle, the "Century" during the driving did not deliver much hassle, but for trips I needed a car with high ground clearance with a budget of around 15 thousand dollars. Buick Regatta didn’t suit me of the large fuel consumption and the choice fell on Step way, although consumption it was not much less.
So, in order:
Pros - High ground clearance, good suspension. Cons - lousy ergonomics, high fuel consumption (for the first 900km average consumption of 11 liters per 100 km., Driven largely in the city-mode. At «Century» in a similar mode - 8.5 l.
As for the location of buttons and switches, the comfort of the driver apparently was clearly not in the first place for designers, especially inconveniently located buttons and switches of wipers, rear wiper and rear window washer. The switches control air conditioning, stove and direction of air flow is placed too low. Nice big glove box, but unfortunately without backlight. In time you will get used to everything.
Engine feels more thrust at low speed (than «Regatta»), is gaining torque though sluggish, possibly after the break will be more cheerful, although the machine is definitely not for racing. As for the suspension no complaints here, behaves perfectly well swallow, especially since the spring on our roads solid pit.
In principle, while pleased with the car, a spacious lounge, a decent boot and at the same time compact - car for leisurely rides around the city, in the country, to the country. The only serious drawback - high fuel consumption, but I hope that after the break-in will go back to normal. Another caveat - when driving on ribbed road or especially on loose snow the ABS system is triggered during braking, so braking distance is greatly increased.

Accomplishments Renault Sandero

Sensitive handling, soft and durable suspension, clearance

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) Renault Sandero

engine power, lousy ergonomics.

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