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Review on the car Land Rover Freelander TD4

Review added: 21 April 2013 | Views: 1235 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Review about Land Rover Freelander

Buying a new freelander2, I was another the same in the garage. Only model year younger. I have my present freelander completely destroyed, ignoring the potholes, bumps, holes and bumps. First, of course, surrendered suspension, which are said to have turned into an absolute rubbish - camber plates, levers, bearings, all this must be changed. In the end decided not to bother with a costly repair and take another Landrover Freelander TD4, a year older and in the same configuration.

Found what I wanted on the website. Seller is almost my neighbor, bluntly speaking, requests an adequate price - why not to give a good day to him and yourself. The result was a complete set of wheels with HSE winter and summer. Inside, set all sorts of bells and whistles, from the use of which, in most cases, I will refrain. Of small defects are small cracks in the windshield, which I drilled for $500, and the "lame" navigation system. The rest of the state just gorgeous.

So what to look for when buying freelander2 TDE HSE:
Established Navigation System - Carmani 200. Candid stuff. Most likely, if you use it, you have to change it for $35,000.

Chassis. Unpleasant feature - the inevitable collapse Freelander TD4 on a mileage of about 100,000 thousand miles. We can say the disease.

May have problems with the launch of the winter. Replace glow plugs in the service station where they make diesels.
If you want to buy a car in 2007, then pay attention to the transmission. If it was replaced by the marketing action and put the Webasto, it would often remind you about its "poor health." Be careful.

Take only HSE kitting-up. No options. The rest of the kits just do not live up to your expectations.

Accomplishments Land Rover Freelander

All that is not listed in the disadvantages

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) Land Rover Freelander

the inevitable collapse at 100,000 km, complete with a weak transmission Webasto, native navigation system

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