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Review on the car year 2012 Nissan Patrol Soft suspension

Review added: 11 April 2013 | Views: 1292 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: 5.6

Fuel: 25 l./100 miles

Transmission: 7 steps Automatic

Body: 5 doors SUV,

Review about Nissan Patrol

Good car, I am still happy with it. Chevy was in favor before but now things definitely changed. I was particularly enjoyed with Patrol’s unflappable motion. The potential for off-road vehicle is hardly too badly suffered because of the failure of the suspension item. In my opinion, there are absolutely no extraneous perceptions of suspension suffering when getting through the rough countryside. Yes, axles are invulnerable, but their presence known turns out with a total operation of the machine. Besides all of that, this SUV is still on a frame base. Fully independent suspension, with a large free-running, and as a result, a good indicator of crossing axes. Patrol wheels is less of the radius and with a thicker rubber.

Of course, the car is modern and full of diverse stuff. For example, the choice of engine operation for different types of coverage - "highway", "sand", "snow", "stones" (I have sensitive accelerator systems work as an assistant). Assistance systems - is to help when going downhill or start up. With them off-road, life becomes easier. The main force myself to let go, for example, the brake pedal at the approach of a steep hill, totally relying on electronics. But at first it's not so simple.

Not for nothing in this text I have several times referred to the diesel engine. I don’t want to put an arrow down of a speedometer and there is no reason for that. But why there is so much power and liters? Even if I treat very politely with the accelerator minimum consumption is 25 liters inside. I have the same average fuel hovered around the level of 30 liters per hundred.

Accomplishments Nissan Patrol

Unflappable motion
Soft suspension
Several modes of engine operation

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2012 Nissan Patrol


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