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Review on the car year 2002 Chevrolet Lanos Cheap car service

Review added: 9 April 2013 | Views: 1215 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Engine: i, Gasoline

Transmission: 5 steps Manual

Body: 5 doors hatchback,

Milleage: 189 th. miles

Review about Chevrolet Lanos

I decided to write a review about the car Vetra - C. Maybe it will be useful for someone in making a choice :). Seven years ago, I bought my first car - Omega B, 1996 onwards, automatic transmission, 2.5 liter engine V6, sift from Germany. And from that time I compare all the cars with that model :) Omega B has speed and dynamics as for the rocket. I had it for three years and sold due to family circumstances.
After I while I decided to buy new car. Of course I preferred to find a suitable model of Omega, but there were nothing apt for me in my region. So I set my choice on a brand-new Lanos. The reliability in a car is above all for me. Some of my friends had an experience of driving this car. I should notice that it just surpassed all my expectations with a speed, dependability design. Car service very cheap and interparts too. Warranty service is available for 3 years and for that time I was never concerned with if something went wrong. Of course I am not crazy about maintaining my car in excellent condition but anyway I tried to use the cat carefully. But a shortcoming for me (it is more personal need) is the car’s height - was not enough for tall man, as my height is 187 cm. I felt a little bit strained and uncomfortable but other things are well enough. Handling is a little bit tough but not abrupt so control of car allow to make very different maneuvers.

Accomplishments Chevrolet Lanos

Cheap car service
Dependability and reliability

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2002 Chevrolet Lanos

Not for tall driver
Tough handling but it is ok for me

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