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Review on the car year 2008 Nissan Tiida - the noise in the box

Review added: 28 April 2013 | Views: 1717 | Comments: 0

Vehicle characteristics:

Transmission: Automatic

Body: hatchback

Milleage: 87 th. miles

Review about Nissan Tiida

Well, it's time to give a rate Nissan Tiida. This car faithfully took me 53,000 miles. Interior boasts a large capacity, especially in the back row, where is possible longitudinal movement sofa. Of course, once reduced trunk space, but its capacity is compensated accordingly pivoting rear seats. I used velour in interior, now it looks great, but you have to work constantly vacuuming. Adjustable steering wheel height and the driver's seat - the two main adjustable parameters in the car, often use them especially on long journeys. What to say about the handling - so many things ... The car in the wind on the road is not stable, gradually changing course so you have to drive it carefully. At high speeds (120 -150) begins to buzz the motor, first tolerating after too annoying. No more speed, did want to treat with car cautiously. Steering wheel is informative enough, not cotton, and not "detached" from the control function. The kit includes 4 safety cushion airbag.

For the whole time of driving only one maintenance took place and I have never been in the service. On the second maintenance I have changed the pads, the car began to slow down considerably better. I was not quite pleased with little noise in the transmission since the 2000 km. To the surprise the noise has not progressed, found in forums that this is design feature. The same explanation put forth engineer. Well took this fact for granted. In the manual transmission shift like softness - precisely and clearly, a little nudge and that’s it. The rest of the car does not cause any discomfort, but since I decided to buy a crossover, I had to sell it.

Accomplishments Nissan Tiida

easy Automatic transmission, handling

Disadvantages (breakage, repairs) year 2008 Nissan Tiida

The noise in the box ("design feature"), roll in the wind.

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