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For Sale 1987 Porsche 911

Photos Porsche 911 1987


For Sale passenger car 1987 Porsche 911

Price: 17400 $

Town: Georgia, Baldwin

Customs: ---.

Condition: Excellent

Engine: Gasoline.

Transmission: Manual.

Drive Type: rear-wheel

Body: convertible White.

Mileage: 139400 th. miles.


  • Leather seats
  • Power Windows


  • If you have any questions feel free to email me at: joanniealbrecht@netzero. net .

    There are cars that are at the exact right time to collect; there are cars you'll love to drive; and this 1987
    Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet is both. After all, this is the year the 3. 2 was mated to the highly desirable
    upgraded G50 five-speed, and while all 911s from this era are special, this baby is truly unique.
    Porsche people probably picked up on some of the upgrades in the first glance. This roadster has been given a
    widebody kit, dealer installed similar to the 1989 factory WBs. It's a far more sophisticated impression that feels
    a bit European. The recent restoration was done by Magnum Motors of Marietta, GA famous for their high end exotic
    auto services; and the only Porsche authorized body shop in the South East. The upgraded image looks fantastic on
    the Artic White paint, with the classic blue leather interior and blue canvas top. You'll love how the sunlight
    rolls off of all of this Porsche's legendary curves.
    No other door opens with the same mechanical and deliberate sound like a classic 911 does. Enthusiasts turn around
    when they hear that iconic 'pop' (yes it sounds crazy, but true. ) And when people look, they will see a dark blue
    interior that coordinates nicely with the rest of the Artic White car. You sit down in leather seats with the
    racing sports steering wheel. Porsche's race-ready sensibilities means the tachometer is directly in front of the
    driver. The rest of the instruments surround this in their own clearly marked pods to give you a comprehensive view
    of what's going on with the engine. While this 911 is obviously a driver's car, it includes power windows and cold
    air conditioning, though you rarely need it with the top down!
    Beneath the rear hatch is the best part of any 911. The fuel-injected 3. 2-liter Carrera flat-six was an exceptional
    evolution of Porsche's legendary power plant. This is a performance motor that loves to intoxicate you with its
    unique air-cooled song, and it's heightened even further with a deep bass exhaust. 1987 is a pivotal year for 911
    fans, because it was again, the introduction of the G50 five-speed transmission. The combination of this engine and
    transmission is so durable, that with proper care and maintenance, many of these era cars last over 250, 000 miles
    before a rebuild is needed! This was a much more robust gearbox base on which Porsche utilized to drive its sports
    car reputation right up today.
    From a driver's standpoint it gives you the confidence to take this baby on an adventure. And that's the whole
    point of owning a car like this. The moment you find an open road, it's time to downshift and smile wide. That's
    why it also comes with Porsche's legendary steering feedback, four-wheel disc brakes, and exceptionally wide, new
    tires. So you'll instantly know why there is no substitute.
    Here's a 911 Cabriolet nicely presented with all the right features. While the mileage seems a bit high, the G50
    series are known to really hold up last for many years. This is the rare classic that proves you'll love driving
    your collectables for many miles with no real problems! .

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Joannie 7062020869

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