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For Sale 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Photos Chevrolet Bel Air 1957


For Sale passenger car 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Price: 59200 $

Town: Washington, Seattle

Customs: ---.

Condition: Good

Engine: Gasoline.

Transmission: Automatic.

Drive Type: rear-wheel

Body: 2 doors coupe Black.

Mileage: 62000 th. miles.


  • ABC
  • ABD
  • ABS
  • Air suspension
  • Airbag
  • Alloy wheels
  • Anticorrosive treatment
  • ASC
  • BASS
  • CD
  • Central locking
  • Climate control
  • Conditioner
  • Cruise control
  • DAC
  • Dust exclusion
  • DVD
  • EBD
  • Electric mirrors
  • Electro
  • ESP
  • ETS
  • Fog lamps
  • Garage Storage
  • GPS Navigator
  • HA
  • Headlight washers
  • Heated mirrors
  • Heated seats
  • Hook
  • Immobilizer
  • Leather seats
  • Light sensor
  • MP3
  • Multilok
  • Music
  • Navi
  • Park-Tronic
  • Phone
  • Power steering
  • Power Windows
  • Proof mirrors
  • Rain sensor
  • Servotab
  • Signaling
  • Soundproofing
  • Subwoofer
  • Tilt Wheel
  • Toning
  • Trip computer
  • TV
  • Under warranty
  • Velours
  • VSC
  • Xenon


  • ANY QUESTIONS JUST EMAIL ME: thomasinetbbudney@ukfamilies. com .

    Please note that this is a private party sale! I have owned this unrestored, factory-original survivor
    fuel-injected sport coupe Bel Air (one of 1530 passenger factory-built fuelies) since December 1999. It is in
    excellent original mostly unmolested condition. This is a 283 c. i. , 250 H. P. Turboglide numbers-matching car. It
    was assembled In Kansas City, Missouri in May 1957. It has been driven 62, 000+ miles up to the present time. The
    engine has never been rebuilt (hence the original patina in the engine compartment) and runs great. It has a black
    exterior with a red/black interior. The paint is mostly factory-original and the interior is still in excellent,
    beautiful original condition. This is a rust-free automobile and as far as I know the car has never been hit - as
    you can see in some of the pics it is very straight (as we all know a black exterior is not very forgiving as it
    will highlight flaws such as imperfect body work, waves, wrinkles, etc. ). It still has the original rubber trunk
    mat with the embossed encircled “57”. The fellow that I bought it from, because it had gravel chips in the
    rocker panel area (the 2nd owner’s house [in Nebraska] was next to a gravel road), had it repainted below the
    side trim. However, the majority of the paint is shiny original because the car has always been garaged. There
    are a few minor wear spots (mainly primer showing through the original paint) in several places as a result of
    constant waxing. Also, there are some gravel chips on the front part of the hood and there are minor scratches
    here and there. Overall, the exterior paint is in beautiful original condition. Under the hood there are several
    factory assembly line yellow chalk X’s (see pic) on the hood latch cover. What these X’s refer to is a puzzle
    but I have been told by several Chevrolet experts that these were most likely an alert to the assembly line workers
    that a fuel injection system was to be installed in this car. One photo of the chassis (floorboards are solid)
    shows one of the rear spiral shock absorbers. Another photo shows the engine suffix pad which is F418GF and this
    translates to Flint, April 18, Turboglide fuel injection.
    All of the fuel injection components are original to the car. As far as I know the Rochester 4520 fuel injection
    unit has never been rebuilt. It has always run well with minor tuning done every now and then. The 2nd owner, who
    bought it in late Fall 1957 (the first owner was a young man and for whatever reason his father made him return it
    to the dealership), told me when I first bought it that he was informed that this car was a factory demonstrator to
    promote the sales of fuel injection passenger cars and because of this they made sure that it had the best
    components installed to keep it running flawlessly. After the factory reps were done the car was sent to a
    dealership near Omaha, Nebraska where it was sold. I asked the 2nd owner if he had the original dealer paperwork
    for the car but it ended up getting lost or misplaced. I had him do a notarized “Certificate of Authenticity”
    for me regarding his history with the car. He had also written a note to the fellow that I had bought the car from
    detailing pretty much the same info.
    This car still has all of the original peripheral FI components:
    Vacuum wiper motor with the Electro-vac switch.
    Metal clip (on the firewall) to hold the electric choke “pig tail” wire/connector for the air meter.
    Air intake hose bracket that is attached to the driver-side radiator support (toward the bottom – see pic).
    Most of these original brackets ended up missing or tossed aside in about 99. 9% of the original passenger car
    fuelies so this is an extremely rare, very hard-to-find item and very, very expensive if ever available. This item
    is definitely NOT a repro.
    Electro-vac (with the original Trico string tag) affixed by clutch head screws to the radiator support.
    Passenger-side exhaust manifold with no vacuum tube hole drilled like the ones for cars with carburetors.
    Original metal band to attach the air intake hose to the air cleaner.
    The 3/8-inch fuel line.
    Original air cleaner with after-market air hose.
    Original fuel filter.
    Original 906 distributor.
    It has a later model fuel pump but I have a correct long-screw fuel pump that goes with the car.
    Also, the 2nd owner took out the Turboglide many years ago and replaced it with an overdrive 3-speed manual trans.
    (the overdrive cable is disconnected and I don’t know if it ever was connected). However, he did keep the
    Turboglide and somehow it managed to go with the car from owner to owner. The Turboglide was recently rebuilt and
    will be included with all of its necessary components with the sale of the car. I succeeded in finding a fellow
    that rebuilds Turboglides in Oregon and between he and I managed to find many NOS parts.
    A fellow that I know that lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada and who owns a restored factory-built ’57 BA sport coupe
    fuelie is doing a ’57 Chevy fuel injection factory-built survivor passenger cars directory. He has spent a few
    years trying to locate the real ones and needless to say he has come across many phony clones. He said that he’s
    come up with approx. 35 factory survivor fuelies (out of 1530 built) in various conditions. He said that 3 of
    these are very nice unrestored originals - one BA sport coupe (this one) and two BA sport sedans. So as far as he
    knows, mine is the only very nice unrestored survivor BA FI sport coupe known in existence.
    Many times I have been asked by certain individuals as to why I don’t restore the car. I find it incredulous
    that anyone would ask that. My response to them is “If it ain’t broke why fix it?” Also, I tell them that
    this is an extremely rare car because of what it is and where are you going to find another one as nice as this
    unrestored original fuel-injected car? However, the ones that are “savvy” about fuelie cars appreciate the
    fact that it is, for all practical purposes, a very nice survivor with a nice patina. This is an excellent
    benchmark or reference car. Several years ago a fellow that lives near me was restoring his factory original BA
    fuelie sport coupe and he would come over from time to time to photograph, measure and take notes because his car
    was missing a lot of the FI items when he bought it many years ago. I was told at the place where I bought my car
    in Kansas that several individuals also used this car as a reference. .

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Thomasine 4259897509

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