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For Sale 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

Photos Chevrolet Corvette 2004

Car Market in USA - For Sale 2004  Chevrolet Corvette


For Sale passenger car 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

Price: 9900 $

Town: Wisconsin, Madison

Customs: ---.

Condition: Used

Engine: Gasoline.

Transmission: Automatic.

Drive Type: rear-wheel

Body: 2 doors coupe Black.

Mileage: 27866 th. miles.


  • Airbag
  • CD
  • Cruise control
  • Leather seats
  • Power Windows


  • If you have any questions or would like to view the car in person please email me at: ronnymikulski@netzero. net .

    Just a few hours left. Don't miss out on this incredible deal on probably the most fun car you will ever drive!
    If you are looking for a car that is very fun to drive, in amazing condition, and reasonably priced given the
    extras (> $20K spent on modifications) this could be exactly what you are looking for! It is very low mileage, and
    in great shape. Take a look at the attached Oil Analysis photo from 17K miles that states the oil is what they
    would normally find at 4, 100 miles. It is rare to find a built car like this that was not abused and doesn't have a
    ton of miles on it. That car is very special.
    I am the original owner of a low mileage daily driver C5 that is adult driven, stored winters, and meticulously
    cared for. It drives like a normal Corvette until you get on the gas a little and then it becomes a torque monster.
    This triple-black naturally aspirated beauty has all of the most desirable features, such as heads-up display,
    magnetic selective ride control, and dual roof panels (smoke and black). No accidents, floods, or other bad things
    have happened to this car. It has been truly been pampered and is in great shape.
    The car was modified by Phil Rickard from Dynotech Engineering (DTE) in Fort Wayne, IN based on my goals (power,
    speed, drivability, and a cam that is not too lumpy). He is a perfectionist with a ton of experience and success,
    and took the time to understand my goals and created a customized package. Work was done in two phases (custom
    grind cam (unique cam lobe geometry based on his racing experience that outperforms other cams) and differential
    first (Stage 2+, nearly a stage 3 racing differential), then heads and Fast 90 / LS2 intake the following year).
    AFR205 heads were volume balanced to have identical compression in all cylinders, and then port matched with Fast
    90 (which was also "blended" - inside pathways enlarged and smoothed out for increased air flow). Finally, a stock
    Z06 Titanium exhaust catback was installed. The car has a beautiful sound and the mild cam is barely noticeable
    when idling, but sounds very exotic when revved.
    Gears switched from 3. 15 to 3. 42 (Z06 shot peen hardened, with additional cryogenic hardening) and differential
    blueprinted and significantly strengthened and improved. The DTE differential - transmission strut brace added for
    increased strength. A Z06 rear spring and front / rear anti-sway bars were added during the last modification. I
    had Baer Eradispeed "Plus" (larger two-piece) drilled & slotted rotors, Carbotech brake pads, and Earl's
    Performance stainless steel braided brake hoses for improved braking. Elite Engineering "Abs of Steel" tunnel brace
    to stiffen the chassis and improve handling. It also has Z06 factory rims. The suspension modifications help
    balance out the power modifications to create a car with incredible power and handling!
    Most OEM parts kept and included if wanted (valvetrain upgraded on heads, throttle body ported and polished, cam
    and pulleys, rotors and brake pads, original headlights, still have original catback if desired but don't have
    original exhaust manifold or original rims). They are something you could sell or use to bring the car back to
    original if ever desired.
    The attached dyno graph shows the initial stock results (it did have a K&N air filter at the time), second results
    with a custom grind cam and QTP Tri-Y long-tube headers (great for torque), and final results with AFR 205 heads
    and Fast 90 intake. Dyno testing performed with unlocked torque converter (more torque but less horsepower) and
    closed hood (less air but more accurately represents real performance). Notice how quickly the torque ramps-up and
    This car also has the Elite Engineering gas pedal that matched the brake pedal and their PCV catch can. I also
    installed an interior insulation kit (behind seats to the rear of the car) and added a rear carpet insert to
    minimize the additional sound from the headers. The interior is nearly as quiet as stock, and is very comfortable
    for long trips.
    The car has been very well maintained and cared for. The only problem I've had was a "parasitic loss" last year
    that was tracked down to the driver's seat control switch (a fairly common problem). The seat had to be removed I
    had an upholstery person modify the driver's seat to replace worn foam with denser foam, and alter to create a
    better, firmer fit. It looks stock but feels better, is far more comfortable, and really helps hold you in place. I
    also replaced the battery last year when initially troubleshooting this problem.
    When the car is cold and started there is a very slight rattle under the car that originates behind the catalytic
    converters. I brought this to a mechanic and he told me that one of the hangers for the Ti exhaust had stretched
    slightly. The rattle disappears in as little as 5-10 seconds, and has not persisted for more than a minute (very
    seldom more than 20-30 seconds). It is minor so I have just left it as-is.
    From 3'-5' away you can't really notice the paint issues, but I'm very picky and want to be completely up-front.
    The biggest issue with my car is the same as most Corvette's of this era - the factory paint job was not the best.
    There is a small 1" or so drip on the driver's door that was hidden under the body side molding - found when I
    removed that molding. The factory clear coat is soft and scratches easily. There is some orange peel in a couple of
    areas (example shown in a rear close-up photo). There are a few scratches (light - nothing deep, and in the 3"-6"
    size range), paint chips (most covered with touch-up paint), and some light pockmarks on the rocker panels from
    being hit by dirt and gravel while driving. I've tried to document these problems in the attached photos, but
    sometimes it is difficult to show (or even see from a few feet away). If you have questions or would like to see
    something from a different angle I will try to respond to all reasonable requests.
    Thank you for taking a look. .

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Ronny 6081535771

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